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I was scrolling down my dash while listening to my EZFG album and I ran across this gif while on this song and I just

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【UTAU VCV】 Psycho 【Namine Ritsu KIRE】 by AkiHoshii


this is why kirby doesn’t talk

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alternatively if you have no fucking clue what miku is you can always watch this video with really neat pretty music that sums it up in 60 seconds

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【波音リツ】「GLIDE」【カバー】 by MeerkatQueen

Thousand miles | Ritsu #forFun #cover by none11111

Do you wanna build a snowman?

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Imagine it’s actually just Lady gaga in Miku cosplay lip syncing 

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How do I get Pikablue and Mewthree?

Asked by Anonymous


Great question.

The truth is….Pikablue and Mewthree cannot be found in any Pokemon game.

But there is somewhere they can be found - inside you.

There is a Pikablue and Mewthree inside us all. It is called self-confidence, and you don’t need a master ball to catch it. If you believe in yourself, there is not a single battle you can’t win.

And truly that is the greatest video game “cheat” of all.

Glad I could help.